Tree Service & Stump Grinding

Trimming trees can be very frustrating and quite dangerous. It is important to trim trees on a regular basis to maintain their overall health as well as their appearance. Our skilled crew can tackle a tree of any size and you will be amazed at how the appearance of a properly trimmed tree will look. Not only does it look nice, but it will also improve the overall health of the tree and reduce the risk of dead branches falling in the yard and creating a dangerous hazard. Sometimes a tree is dying on the inside and just needs to be removed. We have the large equipment and special skills necessary to remove the hazard safely and in a timely manner.
Why would you want to trim your trees?
Overall, there are three reasons why you would want to maintain your trees and bushes.


Everyone wants their trees and bushes to be beautiful and vibrant. Trimming them helps maintain its appearance and its shape. If you do not have the correct experience, it is possible to remove too much foliage or too many branches. That's why it is so important to know what you are doing so the tree or bush is not seriously damaged and you stay safe. Eventually, a tree can be such an eyesore that the only option is to remove the tree.


As trees and bushes grow, there are branches that break or even die along the way. This can create unsafe conditions for your property and the people around the property. These dangerous limbs can break anytime and fall onto your vehicle, home or even a person or pet. These branches may also hang to low into sidewalks or grow into power lines. Because of all of these reasons, it is very important to keep your trees and bushes trimmed and pruned.


Trees grow in many different directions and do not grow in any specific pattern. Because of this, airflow can get restricted and branches tend to rub against each other and can possibly break. Also, there are a variety of diseases that trees and plants can acquire. At times, it is possible to to remove the areas with the disease and the life of the tree can be greatly prolonged.

Tree & Stump Removal

TLC has the experience and the equipment necessary to remove your dangerous trees and unsightly stumps. Our many years of tree climbing and bucket work experience has equipped us with the skills and technique necessary to complete the job safety and without incurring any property damage. There are many reasons why you might want to remove your tree. Whatever the reason, make sure you are engaging the professionals at Peterson's Tree service to get the job done right. There are many techniques we use in order to remove and grind your stumps and trees. We will provide you the options that work best for you and your pocketbook!

Why would you want to remove your tree and grind your stump?

General information on tree and stump removal.


A dead tree or stump can really stand out giving your property a negative impression. Over time, weeds and plants can begin growing in them making it look even worse.


Dead and dangerous trees can be a very serious hazard for your property and family. The possibility of a tree breaking onto your home, property or even your family is a very serious matter. There are even situations where your dead tree may have grown into power lines or other obstacles. Whatever the case, safety is the number one focus and it is important to contact a professional for removal. Stumps can disappear in overgrown grass and weeds or just be in the way in the middle of your yard. It is very easy to forget about them when playing with your family in the yard. Thousands of people are injured every year because of forgotten obstacles.


Dead trees and stumps can be taking up valuable space that the healthy trees need in order to thrive. They can also be taking up a good amount of space in your hard limiting the activities your family can enjoy.