Irrigation Install & Service 

  • Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Proper Coverage
  • Leaks
  • Breaks
  • Controller / Timer
  • Valves
  • Zones not working
  • Busted heads
  • Head Re-Location
  • Irrigation Start Up & Winterizing
  • Check Lines for Leaks or Breaks
  • Check All Heads for Leaks or Functioning Issues
  • Align All Heads
  • Set Timers for Spring Watering
  • Discuss any Findings or Concerns with the Client
  • Spring Start Up

Irrigation Installation

Save yourself time, money and energy with a custom designed and installed irrigation system from TLC Lawns & Landscaping. We are fully insured so our customers have the peace of mind knowing they are receiving thorough and professional service. Our irrigation experts have been designing and installing perfect irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties throughout Waupaca for over 20 years! Our specialist work closely with our customers to ensure they receive a high-quality product and fully understand how to operate and adjust the irrigation system. We use only the best parts and equipment from the best irrigation systems. Our irrigation systems are built to last, installed with expert craftsmanship ensuring a perfectly functioning irrigation system for years to come.
Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

There are many reasons that require an irrigation system to be inspected for repair and maintenance. Over time, parts throughout the system begin to wear and loosen. From leaking sprinkler heads, yard flooding and major breakdowns, our crew has the experience, parts and equipment to repair all brands and models of irrigation systems. Some common irrigation problems that require repair are broken sprinkler heads, valves, controllers, adjustments and more. The best way to prevent damaged systems and repair is to enroll in our irrigation maintenance programs. We have several program options that meet a variety of needs and budgets. Our full-service package includes Spring start up, winterization, head inspections, water adjustments, watering time adjustments, drip pipe inspection and overall system function.


Our Spring irrigation start up service first starts with a comprehensive inspection of the entire sprinkler system and control panel. This includes inspecting every sprinkler head for leaks and spray patterns. We will make any necessary sprinkler adjustments and part replacements including water and time settings. We have the knowledge and expertise to start up all brands and models of irrigation systems for residential or commercial properties of any size. We are your complete irrigation system contractor servicing Waupaca and the surrounding area.

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

Fall Winterizing

Winterizing an irrigation system is the process of removing all the water from the entire irrigation system for the winter months. This is done to eliminate the possibility of water expanding the pipes causing them to freeze pipes resulting in a much bigger problem. We will properly drain and blow out all water throughout the entire system, preparing it for the long winter ahead. We will need to schedule an appointment to ensure the water supply has been shut off, we have access to the timer and the control box. Don’t make the mistake of trusting a “self-draining system,” contact TLC for safe and professional irrigation winterization.
Fall Winterizing